patience is a virtue

Innovative, immersive and a full sensory experience

The latest medical and therapeutic advances are inaccessible to the very children and adults they are designed for, despite the amazing benefits. Medical VR therapies should not be just for those already in hospital, or the rich, or physically able. We want to change this.

Our goal is to bring VR therapies to those who would benefit most but are least likely to access it. We are the first social enterprise who provide VR therapies for kids with special needs and adults with disabilities. Medical VR is already available in hospitals and has shown amazing results. From supporting children through chemotherapy or physiotherapy, to improving social and behavioural difficulties in autism - as well as reducing levels of pain, stress, depression and anxiety!

Therapies are available for individuals, families, groups such as charities or care homes, and - well, there's something for everyone! See which sessions are best for you or book a free consultation now.

This year we have introduced a new full clinical therapy program for specific mental health issues. All environments are based on a bibliographic review of validated studies and the clinical experience of mental health professionals. Please see all our clinical therapies.

We arent stopping there though. In 2021 we will be combining virtual reality with hydrotherapy, which becomes an incredibly innovative & immersive therapy - such as swimming with dolphins. We are raising money to open new premises which will be fully accessible to everyone, allowing us all to explore this multisensory, holistic and marvellous new world. Have a look at the video below and see what it's like to swim with dolphins!

VR therapy sessions are available to book now or via email. Keep up to date by joining our newsletter or on Facebook and Twitter

Experience swimming with dolphins

Become an astronaut, swim with dolphins, travel to tranquillity and experience a new sense of wonder and peace.

VR therapies are now available and our new premises will be open in 2019.

Footage and underwater headset developed by the Dolphin Swim Club, a non-profit in the Netherlands.